Hi, I’m Mari Rodriguez!

I want to thank you all so much for being here, and checking out my page. 

A little about me:

I’m of Cuban ethnicity, born in California. I am a Certified Medical Biller & Coder, Certified Credentialing Specialist, and a Start up Business Coach. 

I am a Mother to an amazingly bright 8 year old baby girl! She is my reason for doing everything I have done! She keeps me motivated to push forward and not quit!

You’re only as strong as your team!

I strongly believe in giving opportunities to family and friends first. I don't believe in the "you can't mix family and business" saying.

I can run my business at peace knowing I have 100% trust in these people.

I couldn’t do any of this without the support and guidance of my amazing team. I am truly grateful for each of them!

Terry Little

Podcast / Social Media Manager

Terry is a very dear friend of mine! He is the host of The Knuclehead Chronicles Podcast, a Husband, an amazing father, and an even greater friend! He’s been kind of my life coach lol! 

Fun fact about us is we’ve never met in person! We met on “Periscope” back in the day when that was a thing lol. We immediately clicked and became very good friends! 

Even with everything he has going on, he has guided, supported and coached me through every step of this journey!

I’m extremely lucky to have him on my team! 

Naja Rodriguez

Social Media Content Manager

Naja and I actually met in High School. We’ve been Besties ever since! We’ve been through it all! She is a certified Beautician/Hair Stylist, but currently a stay at home mom expecting my 4th baby nephew, A Wife, a Mother, and my Sister from another Mister!

Ironically we happen to have the same last name so saying in High School that we were sisters was pretty easy and believable lol.

With our given history and many years of friendship, naturally I would need her on my team!